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Free set of replacement fire bricks with every new Suppertime Stove. $100 savings!

Notched bricks available with water coil option.

Refractory Bricks

Traditionally, cookstoves have tended to have small fireboxes. Fuel needed to be split into small pieces and added to the fire frequently. In contrast, the Supertime Stoves have a larger firebox than any conventional wood stoves currently in production. Our fireboxes are lined by extra-thick refractory brick, custom built. The brick lining is built around the firebox, effectively insulating the burn chamber for a higher combustion temperature, and protecting the firebox walls from burnout spots. Ten bricks make up the lining - Two in front, two at the real, two at each side, and two base bricks. Every brick is fully replaceable, yet is held in place by our interlocking design.

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