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Comfort Time Stoves: Where old world craftsmanship meets new world technology- Now you're cooking! Western Canada's Official Dealer of Quality Amish and Mennonite Airtight Wood Burning Cook Stoves and Heaters- Margin, Suppertime, Pioneer Princess, Flame View, Margin Gem- lasqueti Island, British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Suppertime Stoves
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Suppertime Stoves

The Pioneer Maid was developed in 1979 by Suppertime Stoves as the first airtight cookstove. The Pioneer Maid offers the standard features that have made cookstoves popular for generations, yet removes the design flaws that were inherent in the old, non-airtight models. Perhaps the most innovative of all is the Pioneer Maid's downdraft firebox, permitting unprecedented control in a cookstove. Twin draft control knobs accurately gauge the amount of air that enters the intake tubes. The firebox is larger than that of any conventional cookstove, so it's easy to hold a fire overnight or longer.

Suppertime cookstoves - Pioneer Maid, Pioneer Princess and Baker's Choice - produce enough heat to warm your home as well cooking your meals. Heat is directed over and around the oven area before exiting through the chimney, which means that less heat is wasted.

Other features:

Roomy oven.
Large firebox, lined with extra thick refactory brick.
Optional water reservoir - reservoir is a holding tank that is heated due to it's proximity to the stove. Optional stainless steel water coil - coil extends into the stove adjacent to the firebox & water circulates through the coil into a hot water tank.

1- Flue Damper Slide Closed
2- Flame and Heat Path
3- Entrance into Flue
4- Baffle to direct heat around oven
5- Clean-out plate
6- Stove pipe
7- Ash Tray

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